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“Advancements and Automation for MT and PT Methods”

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Historically, automation of UT, ET, and RT methods has enjoyed the power of computing to increase automation capabilities in these methods. Magnetic particle inspection (MPI) and fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI) methods, however, have not enjoyed an easy track into automation.

Understanding of the process variables and new controls being developed is finally allowing opportunities to automate many MPI and FPI inspections. Much of this work had been ongoing for several years in the background, but the speaker will describe and introduce these new developments, based on projects currently ongoing with the his clients and partners, as well as describe the current status of the availability of automated systems for MPI and FPI.

You should come away from this webinar with an increased understanding of advancements in:

  • magnetic particle inspection (MPI) and fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI),
  • process controls for automated MT and PT systems, and
  • defect recognition capability of MT and PT automated inspection methods.

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