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"Nondestructive Testing with Air-Coupled Ultrasound (ACUT)" Webinar Recording

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This webinar covers basic information on the principles of air-coupled ultrasound (ACUT) as well as testing methods including pulse-echo, through-transmission, and guided waves. In addition, an overview about ACUT applications is given, ranging from basic adhesive flaws in bonded materials over sandwich structures with foam or honeycomb cores all the way to the testing of cured and non-cured ceramics.

More specifically, the webinar covers:

  • The physics of ACU
  • Test methods (transmission, guide-waves, pulse-echo, phased-array)
  • Technical requirements (state of the art and new developments)
  • Inspection examples (GFRP, CFRP, metals, composites, bonds, welds)

The webinar will especially appeal to R&D engineers, scientists, and technicians from the fields of NDT and quality control in aerospace, military, and research institutes/universities with composites.

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