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"Rope Access Program for NDT" Virtual Section Meeting

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Rope access and nondestructive testing have been used at worksites throughout the world for decades. First utilized in the North Sea off the coast of Scotland in the early 1980s, rope access has gained acceptance as an effective method to access difficult areas safely. NDT technicians commonly utilize scaffolding, baskets, and other mechanical means to access areas at height, usually for small-scale, short-duration jobs. Each of these methods puts the technician at risk. Rope access reduces this risk while eliminating these costly access methods. Dwayne Witter discusses how to use rope access when performing NDT and how rope access is a perfect solution to many of the access problems companies face. Witter outlines the process for developing an effective and robust rope access program that can be added to your service line and reviews the most current jurisdictional requirements necessary to remain in compliance.

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