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"Next Generation NDT 4.0" Webinar Recording

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This webinar discusses the challenges and opportunities for the next generation of NDE and NDT that we call NDE 4.0.

Safety, reliability, and quality have been and will be key issues for the success of products. The success story of NDT is also based on a well-organized system of qualification of NDT staff and clear acceptance/rejection criteria for NDT results. Due to fast changes in the economic environment these concepts are being reconceived by additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence, digitization, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The new technology of this new industrial revolution, Industry 4.0, also opens a significant new market for NDT. With the availability of smartphones and tablets, the whole world’s accumulated knowledge (that is, a large amount of data) potentially becomes available to anyone at any time and in any place. For the younger generation this technology is self-evident, and they possess a natural flair for it. These new handheld devices will be applied to make NDT available and affordable to everybody for education and at home. As a benefit of these new technologies, product inspection at home can become an additional component of monitoring the life cycle of a product.

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