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"The Power of Computed Tomography" Webinar Recording

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Computed tomography (CT) is a great tool for material characterization and quality assurance throughout the entire product life cycle, from research and development to production and complaints investigation.

This webinar will outline a common workflow of how to implement CT for composite material components or other complex-shaped integral parts. Topics covered include:

  • Opportunities and challenges for CT
  • CT types by application
  • CT detection of porosity, fiber orientation, and cell sizes in foam or powder
  • Investigation of large structures, such as car frames and wind turbine blades
  • Automation of CT for Industry 4.0

Even after products have left production, CT can be helpful in examining returns for sources of error. These findings can be fed back into the development process and lead to a continuous improvement process, which will reduce rejection rates in the long term.
The presentation will be of special interest to NDT personnel involved R&D and design and quality assurance of composite materials, as well as complex integral components made of single materials.

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