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"MFL Inspection of Storage Tank Corrosion" Webinar Recording

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The oil and gas industry has experienced some significant challenges in recent months. With the sudden reduction in fuel consumption, there is a substantial global surplus of crude oil. This unique situation has seen storage facilities reach maximum capacity and even crude tankers being used to store unwanted product. With increased storage requirements and potential inspection deferrals, there is an increased requirement to perform in-service tank inspection to assess critical components. Following API standards, new and powerful technology is available to perform the job faster, with better accuracy and an improved probability of detection. Multi-technology array solutions based on enhanced magnetic flux leakage testing (MFL) techniques are becoming the new norm for reliable and thorough assessments of storage tanks.

This webinar covers:

  • Overall state of storage tank facilities in the US
  • Traditional methods used for inspection (screening)
  • New, advanced detection and sizing technologies
  • Optimized tank inspection workflow in 2020

Oil and gas industry professionals, particularly storage tank integrity specialists, should attend.

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