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"NDT as the Key to Reverse Engineering" Webinar Recording

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This webinar presents an overview of reverse engineering for all engineers who may encounter parts that do not yet have digital descriptions. Reverse engineering is applicable to any process where a nominal part is needed but not available. For example, you own a product, but the part is very old, thus lacking 2D drawings and 3D CAD models. You need to replace the product or add on parts, perhaps on the scale of a whole plant site or factory. In this case, reverse engineering is essential to creating a digital simulation of the product and its components. Other examples where reverse engineering is beneficial is for parts still in the design phase, undocumented changes in the mold of a part, tools subject to wear, and even parts that don’t exist but are needed to fill a given space or fulfill a certain function.

By the end of the presentation, attendees will:

  • learn what reverse-engineering solutions exist,
  • learn about hardware suitable for reverse engineering,
  • learn about the different methods and use cases of reverse engineering, and
  • understand what method and software are applicable to your project and use case.

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