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"Using Eddy Current Arrays to Augment MT and PT" Webinar Recording

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Liquid penetrant testing (PT) and magnetic particle testing (MT) are common nondestructive techniques to identify surface breaking defects and discontinuities. There are limitations and disadvantages of these techniques such as the need to remove coatings, handling and disposing of chemicals, limited traceability, and the general time-consuming process to perform these inspections. These limitations and disadvantages can be resolved by using eddy current arrays (ECAs) as a complimentary technique. The 2019 ASME code now includes using ECAs for the inspection of welds and other ferrous and nonferrous materials.

This webinar shows side by side examples of components tested with MT/PT alongside with data collected with an eddy current array. The objective is to show how ECA technology can be used to augment MT and PT. This is especially true for mission critical components requiring a high probability of detection (POD) or to reduce the downtime required for an inspection.

This webinar should benefit MT and PT inspectors and eddy current users and technicians who are interested in seeing how ECA compares to MT and PT.

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