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"TFM Inspection of Welds in Lieu of Radiography" Webinar Recording

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Are you a radiographer looking to expand your NDT repertoire? A UT technician wanting to learn more about advanced ultrasonic techniques? This presentation compares the total focusing method (TFM) to radiographic testing and will provide you with knowledge about how TFM could be used for the inspection of welds. With the world pushing for more environmentally friendly solutions, the use of phased array as a replacement for radiographic methods has been gaining strength. With the ability to provide depth, height, and length measurements, one can confidently make a better-informed call when accepting or rejecting an indication. You should come away from this webinar with an enhanced understanding of the principles and advantages of TFM, as well as how TFM data is analyzed. Webinar sponsored by Eddyfi Technologies. Visit:

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