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"NDT and the Amusement Park Industry" Virtual Section Meeting

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Not a day goes by that our life is not affected by manmade infrastructure. We take for granted that the structures we cross going to work, visit when running errands, or on family outings will always be there and will be safe. Millions of people worldwide enjoy the excitement and thrill of amusement park rides without fear of whether or not they will return to the ground safely.

Amusement park ride safety does not happen by accident. It requires reliable engineering practices, responsible fabricators, and a great deal of effective NDT performed by qualified personnel. Ricky Morgan, FlawTech, discusses the NDT involved in several well-known amusement park projects, how riders are kept safe, and what happens when attention to ride safety doesn't occur. Amusement park rides occasionally fail, and the vast majority of accidents occur because of rider error and failing to follow instructions. The public tends to take this all in stride until we or someone we love is injured or worse due to a failure in the ride’s expected performance. Morgan presents a broad perspective about NDT’s critical role to ensure rider safety and the expected service life of amusement park rides, so riders get the thrill they expect.

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