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"HTHA Probes and Techniques with Intro to TFM" Webinar Recording

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Early detection of high-temperature hydrogen attack (HTHA) damage can help oil, gas, and petrochemical facilities avoid catastrophic failures of critical high-pressure assets. While it is essential to evaluate the equipment’s condition, HTHA is challenging to detect and assess, including for ultrasonic testing (UT). For this reason, Olympus has created probes specifically designed to detect HTHA-induced damage at an earlier stage. The solution comprises Dual Linear Array™ (DLA) probes that are used to perform the pitch-catch technique, as well as phased array (PA) probes that are fine-tuned for the total focusing method (TFM). These methods, combined with TOFD screening, are used as part of a complete multi-technology inspection strategy. Sponsored by Olympus. Visit: