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"Artificial Intelligence for NDE Analysis of PAUT Data"

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This webinar will discuss how artificial intelligence (AI) software will aid the analysis of phased array ultrasonic inspection data. As the first system of its kind to break into the NDE market, the software presented is Cloud-based and accessed via a standard Internet browser and general specification PC/laptop. Some of the latest in-field PAUT equipment is wireless-enabled and can thus transmit data directly to the Cloud. We will address the functions of the software and answer some of the following questions:

  • How does AI analyze the varied data file formats acquired from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM)?
  • How close is AI to being a fully automated auto defect recognition (ADR)system?
  • How accurate is AI, and will it make the final accept/reject decision of test parts?
  • What will this development mean for NDT inspectors?
  • What assurances can a client gain from having data analyzed by AI?

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