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"NDT Technical Writing and Procedure Development" Webinar Recording

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“NDTers, We Have a Problem!”Quality assurance professionals and Level IIIs are retiring in unprecedented numbers and taking “tribal knowledge” with them. Their knowledge of procedure writing needs to be passed along to the next generation of NDT professionals. This uniquely designed presentation was created for all NDT professionals and covers specification interpretation. It alsodiscusses how to develop internal procedures as required by many ASTM, ASME and other industry codes.

The purpose of this presentation is to:

  • improve skills for interpreting the intent of documents,
  • hone technical writing skills,
  • implement procedure development as the original author, and
  • grasp the essentials of procedure flow skills.

Ultimately, attendees should come away with an appreciation of quality control and the urgent need to impart company policy implementation skills to the next generation of QA and NDT professionals.