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"Eddy Current Inspection for Stainless Steel Welds" Webinar Recording

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This webinar discusses conventional eddy current testing (ECT) and eddy current array (ECA) solutions for the inspection of stainless steel welds, as well as progress that is being made in developing eddy current technology for reliable and repeatable detection on rough surfaces.Efforts to develop a new coil arrangement to manage the phase angle lag on stainless steel alloys will also be discussed.

Eddy current inspection is a chemical-free NDT method. In the past, liquid penetrant (PT) and magnetic particle testing (MT) were the go-to inspection methods for surface defects. However, both MT and PT require the application of chemicals or powders, whereas ECT uses only a magnetic field to provide a reliable detection. Eddy current inspection can also withstand the elements—rain, dirt, condensation, and other environmental conditions that may prevent the use of MT or PT. Parts with surface coatings or paint protection also cause inspection challenges with these methods. In respect to global efforts to reduce pollution, ECT is an environmentally safe option compared with MT and PT, as well as overcoming the limitations for the inspection of components with surface finishes using these methods.

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