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"Harnessing the Power of Virtual Reality to Get the Most Out of Your CT Data" Webinar Recording

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This webinar showcases the unique benefits of visualizing complex computed tomography (CT) data sets using virtual reality (VR), and how the adoption of this technology can improve the usefulness of the data with key stakeholders.

Industrial CT is a common NDT inspection tool, utilizing X-Rays to look inside of closed volumes. One of the most powerful applications of Industrial CT is in-situ, or 4D scanning (3D data over time). Full, comprehensive volumetric data is able to be gathered relatively quickly. One of the most challenging aspects of working with this complex data is effectively communicating and visualizing the information. VR provides a novel way of addressing these issues by allowing the user to literally “walk through” the data, yielding new findings and insights compared to traditional methods.

View this webinar to learn more about:

  • How VR can be used to evaluate CT data
  • Benefits of VR as an inspection method over traditional means
  • Current development of this technology and potential future applications