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"Responsible Level 3 Duties and Authorities per NAS 410" Webinar Recording

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With the mass retirement of company Level IIIs in every industry, many exemplary Level IIs find themselves in the unexpected and sometimes immediate predicament of qualifying to become the Designated Company or Responsible Level III. Without a local mentor or someone to guide the Level II placed in this situation, the experience can be stressful and sometimes simply a confusing process. As an ASNT instructor for the Basic Level III course, the presenter engages with many Level IIs and Level IIIs who ask her advice and mentorship to help them understand, improve, and often develop NDT programs where no NDT programs exist.

This webinar is a general guide for the Level III and is designed to help Level IIIs understand and improve their program in the following areas:

  • Understanding requirements, responsibilities, and authorities when becoming the Designated Company / Responsible Level III.
  • Understanding and developing the Written Practice to meet qualification documents for NAS 410.
  • Qualifying, certifying, and surveillance for Level III technical performance evaluationsand recertifying NDT Level I and II personnel.

It is the intent of this webinar to offer a structure for the new Level III assuming this challenging role or the Level III struggling to maintain or develop a program without immediate guidance.