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An Introduction to Nondestructive Testing

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Welcome to the world of nondestructive testing! From airplanes to bridges, amusement park rides to power lines, wind turbines to railways, deep-sea platforms to space stations, NDT works tirelessly to guarantee the quality of inspected products. This presentation is designed to address the needs of trainees who are brand-new to the field of NDT and members of the general public who wish to learn how NDT works behind the scenes to make products safe for human use and consumption.

By the end of the presentation, you will acquire a broad overview of nondestructive testing, including the importance of NDT in modern life, industries where NDT is applied, the role of ethics in the practice of NDT, the qualification and certification process for NDT professionals, features and principles of 16 different NDT methods, and career opportunities in NDT.

An extended version of this presentation forms the basis of an e-course available under the Courses tab on the ASNT Learn site.

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