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“Ethics, NDT, and a Good Night’s Sleep” Webinar Recording

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No one would publicly dispute the importance of ethical behavior. Ethical behavior is even more important in nondestructive testing, because the entire NDT industry makes only one kind of product: promises. Everyone in NDT promises that they properly performed the testing and truthfully reported the results. Anything which strengthens that promise—in the eyes of practitioners, managers, customers, and the general public—is a good thing.

So it’s worth our time to look at where our ethical standards come from, what happens when they are breached, and ways to make those standards easier to keep. This webinar will give an overview of:

  • some of the origins of our ethical standards,
  • how those standards are described within ASNT,
  • how those standards are applied including a few personal examples, and
  • some practical techniques for making ethical behavior easier for us and the technicians we're responsible for.

Ethical problems in NDT are rare (as far as we know), but when they do happen, they can be catastrophic. We can and should make “doing the right thing” easier in our profession of creating a safer world.