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Driving Digital Engagement in a World Without Trust

Trust in media, government, business and nonprofits is at an all-time low. This means your brand voice is less powerful than it used to be, and it's harder to engage your audience effectively. To be effective, you need to be engaging your members, potential members and your industry in new ways with new tools. In this session, you will learn how ancient storytelling techniques can be combined with new technology to overcome this lack of trust and make you a digital engagement rock star.

During this session, you will:

  • Reorient your digital strategy for greater impact
  • Evaluate your current and future content and storytelling for maximum engagement
  • Learn about new tools which can leverage the collective knowledge and influence of your membership

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    Note: This program is not endorsed, accredited, or affiliated with ASAE or the CAE program. Applicants may use any program that meets eligibility requirements in the specific timeframe towards the exam application or renewal. There are no specific individual courses required as part of the applications – selection of eligible education is up to the applicant based on his/her needs.