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Webinar: Jagger, Madonna, Beyonce, Bieber: Setting the Stage for Each Generation to Shine

As has become crystal clear in the past ten years, supporting and aligning a multigenerational workforce is imperative to establish and maintain a terrific work environment. But . . . each generation is different. Without understanding and recognizing this phenomenon, problems are sure to arise: miscommunication, frustration, anger and conflict, to name a few. In associations, the stakes increase, as we attempt to connect with, and sell to, a different generation that needs all new approaches.

Discussed in this session are the influences and messages that helped formulate the attitudes, expectations, and values unique to each generation, as well as how organizations can better align products and services to meet differing generational needs. Unlike any other multi-generational course you have experienced before, this course goes way beyond the “what” and examines the “how” to assure generations in the workforce do well together and begin understanding how to build products and services for a multi-generational customer base. All set within the context of rock and roll. One of TLS’s most popular courses!

Key Takeaways:

  • Better understand each generation within your organization, as well as within your customer base
  • Identify key strategies to unify different generations and enable them to draw on the creativity, expertise and ability of all employees, constituents and customers
  • Understand new ways to effectively communicate to students, staff, and constituents from all generations