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The Ethics of Association Management: It’s Not Just a Volunteer Issue

What does it mean to act ethically as an association professional? Hear from three professionals in this multi-faceted discussion of this question.
  • Mark Waymark, PhD, professional ethicist, Associate Professor and Chair of Philosophy at Loyola University Chicago
  • Alpha Brady, governance czar, lawyer and senior association staffer with the American Bar Association
  • Tom Dolan, President Emeritus of the American College of Healthcare Executives, who, while CEO there, led the charge for ethical practice in association management
Why ethics? In our staff roles, we have access to information, knowledge, and at times, influence that our boards and volunteers rely on to make thoughtful, effective and consequential decisions regarding the future of their associations. To what extent are we aware of these conflicts? How do we recognize and mitigate them?

Learning Objectives:
  • Recognize the ethical challenges inherent in association staff/volunteer relationships
  • Discuss techniques to manage and mitigate ethical conflicts
  • Pursue and exhibit the highest standard of personal and professional ethics
Note: This course qualifies toward the Ethics requirement of the CAE credential.