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Help future CAE's - become a CAE Facilitator

Want to give back and share your CAE knowledge?

Association Forum hosts a semiannual study group to help aspiring CAEs in our community prepare for the exam. We are looking for new facilitators to join the ranks for the upcoming year. Join us to learn more about Association Forum’s study group and how you can be a part of it.

  • If you have obtained your CAE, you understand the challenge of maintaining work/home life and taking time to study for the CAE. Consider and would like helping the class of CAEs.
  • If you have facilitated for the Association Forum study sessions in the past and would like a refresh of what is involved in order to share your knowledge again, join us!
  • If you know of anyone who holds their CAE and can offer their time and knowledge, have them join us!
Please contact with any questions.