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Welcoming Environment® Webinar Series

A Welcoming Environment® is no longer a nice-to-have initiative. Its moment has arrived as the workforce becomes increasingly diverse, expects their viewpoints to be heard and demands frank conversations to address systemic racism and all forms of discrimination. Any organization that plans for growth and sustainability in the New Decade must embrace a Welcoming Environment® strategy that goes beyond the platitudes and delivers authentic, lasting change.
That's why the Association Forum is pleased to offer this 5-part Webinar series, which will explore these critical topics that are transforming the association world in real time…

  • The first steps an organization can take when it realizes it needs to do a better job of addressing systemic racism and other forms of discrimination in the workplace.
  • How to remove blinders to those who have privilege, so they can create a more equitable workplace.
  • Ways of persuading your employees, one of your toughest groups of stakeholders, to authentically embrace a Welcoming Environment® strategy.
  • Making the business case to board and other external stakeholders for creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive work culture.
  • Results from the first-ever Welcoming Environment® Research Study that will help association leaders meet this historic moment in time of bringing transformational change.
In Partnership with:
The Adele Learning Lab, LLC