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Welcoming Environment® Certificate Program: Essentials and Principles

The Welcoming Environment Certificate: Essentials and Principles is an introduction to the Welcoming Environment initiative. This comprehensive program will take you through the results from the Welcoming Environment® Research Study, how DE&I affects you, and the role you play in implementing change in your organization’s DE&I strategy to create a truly Welcoming Environment.

Click on the introduction video to begin the program. Once you have watched the introduction video, you can continue through each module. Watch each of the videos in the modules in their entirety and complete the assessment questions. Answers for each of the assessment questions should be 150-200 words.

Once all five modules have been completed, complete the Overall Assessment Questions to receive your Essentials and Principles: Welcoming Environment Badge.

Join the Welcoming Environment Certificate MyForum Community to connect with others in the program, engage in discussions on materials, and further your understanding of creating a Welcoming Environment.