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Effective Governance Practices for Association Staff

“Effective governance by most nonprofit boards is rare and unnatural. Seldom do they … harness the collective efforts of accomplished individuals to advance the institution’s mission and long-term welfare.”
                  -Taylor, Chait, & Holland, New Work of the Board, Harvard Business Review

High performing organizations depend on good governance practices. Association Management Center (AMC) recognizes that association staff play a critical role in promoting the good governance practices that support high performance. However, these principles are rarely taught to association staff; most learning is accomplished “on the job.” Drawing on its rich history of establishing frameworks in which boards of directors are able to function at a high level, AMC has developed this half-day workshop that will present core governance practices with a focus on the "nuts and bolts" of good governance.
Participants' understanding of association governance will be enriched by live, face-to-face instruction from a seasoned association management professional, lively discussion around governance topics and hands-on interactive activities designed to put ideas into practice.
Additionally, workshop participants will receive a copy of Governance Essentials: Effective Governance Practices for Association Staff™, an AMC-produced manual that will serve as an ongoing resource. This practical guide contains sample forms, face sheets and instructions.
Target Audience
This course is a vital educational resource for the association community and can be used for training, career development and team building. Who should attend?
Early- and mid-career association staff in all roles – governance, operations, administration, marketing, education
Anyone new to association management, including executive level staff
Entire teams – this can be a dynamic team-building activity, grounding the entire staff in the same practical, well-researched, high-functioning principles and practices
Learning Objectives
With the overarching goal of enhancing organizational performance throughout the association industry, participants will:
Identify and discuss core governance practices
Explore the roles and responsibilities of both board members and staff, gaining clarity on where they are distinct and where they overlap and intersect
Receive practical tools that have proven effective for promoting and implementing good governance practices
Engage in interactive learning activities that will enhance understanding of good governance principles and practices

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