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Live Webinar: How to Make Time For Your Goals When Drowning In To-Do's

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Time is the most important resource we have… but many people find themselves strapped for it. You’ve tried it all before - calendar blocking, to-do lists, Trello and every other system under the sun to break out of the “no time” cycle. You end up overwhelmed and exhausted with nothing left to give to our own goals. It doesn’t have to be that way. Come learn some simple solutions so you can find the time and the energy to go after YOUR goals.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover the most overlooked factor in going after your goals
  • Complete an exercise that will provide a new perspective on time management and the top 5 reasons you sabotage your goals
  • Learn 8 key principles to find time to go after your goals (where you thrive and what can be taken up a notch)
  • Identify what is needed for you in order to create lasting impact
Note: Live webinar participants must attend for a minimum of 45 minutes in order to be eligible for the CEUs associated with this program.


  • Jamie Martin, ACC, Life and Leadership Coach, Jamie Martin Coaching

    Jamie Martin is hired by women who are sick and tired of self-doubt holding them back from the life they truly want. Her 17 year career in technology at companies like DoubleClick and Google combined with her International Coaching Federation Certification gives Jamie a unique perspective into what it takes to make a significant transformation for her clients. Working with Jamie, her clients learn to stop overthinking and instead make serious changes so they can own their power and start living life on their own terms.

August 15, 2023
Tue 12:00 PM CDT

Duration 1H 0M

This live web event has ended.