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CR-RSCH-07: Improving AT Tech Transfer Through Research and Development Projects

Assistive Technologies are needed by an estimated 1 billion individuals worldwide to live active, independent lives; that number is expected to double by 2050. This potential impact and market size opportunity underlies the urgency to perform effective Assistive Technology Tech Transfer (ATTT). Poorly defined and fragmented markets, a high rate of abandonment of devices by end-users and a lack of clear regulations are cited as barriers to successful ATTT. The IMPACT Center at the University of Pittsburgh is developing tools and approaches to comprehensively understand barriers and facilitators to successful ATTT, track the activities regarding the ATTT success rates, and raise awareness and increase capacity of researchers and entrepreneurs to perform successful ATTT. Our goal is to jumpstart engagement and bridge the gap between research and practice so that we can work together and perform successful ATTT. Join us to learn how.

Learning Objectives

  • First Learning Objective: Identify and define 3 parts of the Assistive Technology Market: the market size, fragments and solutions.
  • Second Learning Objective: Identify 1 novel model for Assistive Technology Tech Transfer (ATTT).
  • Third Learning Objective: Identify 2 services available through the IMPACT Center to improve and address barriers in the ATTT process and assist in performing successful ATTT.

Target Audience
Accessibility Professional; AT Specialists; Faculty/Instructors - Higher Education; Government/Non-Profit Agencies; Instructional Technologist; Media Specialist; Speech-Language Pathologists

Experience Level

Content Area
Professional Area

ATIA 2020 Conference Recording
This course was given at the ATIA 2020 Conference on Thursday, January 30, 2020 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Continuing Education Credits
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Start date of ASHA CEUs offering: 4/1/2020
Type: ASHA
Number of ASHA CEU Hours: 1.0 Number of ASHA CEUs: 0.1

This course is offered for 0.1 ASHA CEUs (Intermediate level, Professional area).

This course is offered for the following CE Provider Credits:
For: 0.1 CEU Units.

Nancy Augustine
University of Pittsburgh - IMPACT Center
Nancy Augustine is project manager for the University of Pittsburgh on a NIDILRR grant awarded to Pitt's School of Health and Rehabilitation Science Department of Rehabilitation Science & Technology: Initiative to Mobilize Partnerships for Successful Assistive Technology Translation (IMPACT). She oversees day-to-day activities of the multi-year assistive technology tech transfer project, working with Pitt faculty, staff and external stakeholders to implement the grant’s work plan. Previously, Nancy was senior vice president, national marketing division, of the Local Search Association, an international advertising trade organization, where she led marketing, research, membership, and day-to-day operations for the division. Nancy is a graduate of Robert Morris University, B.S.B.A marketing, and Ms.Ed., Business Education.
Relevant Financial Relationship: Yes
Nancy Augustine receives a salary from the University of Pittsburgh, where she is employed as a project manager on two U.S. federal grants.
Relevant Non-Financial Relationship: No None.

Mary Goldberg
University of Pittsburgh
Mary Goldberg, PhD serves as the Education & Outreach Project Director at the Human Engineering Research Laboratories and also is an Associate Professor in the Department of Rehabilitation Science and Technology at the University of Pittsburgh. She has a background in education with a concentration in rehabilitation science, psychology and Spanish. She has served as co primary investigator on several training programs in the field of assistive technology for undergraduates, veterans, and graduate students, with a particular emphasis on students with disabilities. Dr. Goldberg received her PhD in Administrative and Policy Studies of Education from the University of Pittsburgh, with a focus on online learning in assistive technology. Her additional research interests include program evaluation, STEM education and international capacity building in assistive technology. She leads all training and advocacy activities for ISWP.
Relevant Financial Relationship: No
Relevant Non-Financial Relationship: No

Erin Higgins
University of Pittsburgh
Erin Higgins is a Master’s Student pursing a degree in Rehabilitation Technology at the University of Pittsburgh. She has a background in computer engineering and is working under Dr. Jonathan Pearlman to collect and analyze data about technology transfer success in assistive technology. She previously worked under Dr. Pearlman to help develop web applications for the International Society of Wheelchair Professionals. She has also done research in the field of computer engineering developing new applications for emerging memory technology.
Relevant Financial Relationship: Yes
Paid as a pre-doctoral fellow at the University of Pittsburgh.
Relevant Non-Financial Relationship: No

Michelle Zorrilla
University of Pittsburgh
Michelle Zorrilla, MPH, PhD serves as the Research, Training and Communications Coordinator at the IMPACT (Initiative to Mobilize Partnerships for Successful Assistive Technology Translation) Center at the University of Pittsburgh in the Department of Rehabilitation Science and Technology. She has a background in genetics, public health, clinical research, health care systems and sales, with experience in consulting, technology translation and project coordination. Dr. Zorrilla received her Master of Public Health (MPH) in Public Health Genetics, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Human Genetics and Certificate in Health Systems, Leadership and Management from the University of Pittsburgh, with focuses in infertility, heart disease and management, respectively. Her additional interests include consulting and serving as a liaison for the exchange of clinical and scientific information through the development of scientific partnerships and commercialization. She is responsible for the development and running of the IMPACT grant initiatives, managing content development, project flow and communications with grantees.
Relevant Financial Relationship: Yes
I receive employment salary from the University of Pittsburgh's Department of Rehabilitation Science and Technology - IMPACT grant. I do not receive any consulting fees nor compensation for the other work mentioned in the bio. This other work also does not influence nor have any relationship to what is being presented.
Relevant Non-Financial Relationship: No