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CR-VHT-09: Creating an AT Assessment Tool for Blind/Low Vision in Transition

Assessment tools have been in use for students in K-12 for many years however these tools may not include the additional AT skills needed in post-secondary education, employment and independent living. This session will list considerations in the development of an assessment tool that can be used for assessing training required for successful transition.

Learning Objectives

  • First Learning Objective: Identify three AT skills required for post-secondary students’ success
  • Second Learning Objective: Identify three productivity measurements for employees using AT in the workplace
  • Third Learning Objective: Identify three AT devices and skills needed in the home to perform telecommunication, financial management, health management and community inclusion.
Vision & Hearing Technologies

Target Audience
AT Specialists; Consultants/Trainers; Disability Services; Faculty/Instructors - Higher Education

Experience Level

Content Area
Professional Area

ATIA 2020 Conference Recording
This course was given at the ATIA 2020 Conference on Friday, January 31, 2020 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Continuing Education Credits
For Satisfactory Completion and Continuing Education information, please visit: ATIA Online Education CEUs
This course is offered for the following CEUs: ACVREP (General & ATBVI); AOTA; IACET
This course is offered for the following number of CEUs: 1.0 CEU Hours and 0.1 CEU Units.

Jule Ann Lieberman
TechOWL, Institute on Disabilities at Temple University
Jule Ann Lieberman has earned her Master of Science from Salus University (2013) in Low Vision Therapy, is dual certified by Academy for Certification of Vision Rehabilitation and Education Professionals ( as Low Vision Therapist and Assistive Technology Instructional Specialist as well as certification from Rehabilitation Engineering Society of North America ( as an Assistive Technology Professional. Jule Ann began her work in assistive technology instructing blind and low vision adults in the use of assistive technology in 1998. In 2005 she opened a retail business EZ2C Products selling assistive technology and tools for vision loss. This led to a conversion in 2007 to a non-profit EZ2C Foundation which provided consultation and training in the use of technology and tools for persons with vision loss. Jule Ann joined TechOWL, Institute on Disabilities at Temple University (formerly known as Pennsylvania’s Initiative on Assistive Technology) in 2013 as Assistive Technology Specialist and continues to provide information and assistance, consultation, demonstrations and public awareness training in the use of assistive technology. She has presented at ATIA and CSUN Technology conferences for many years along with sessions at Penn Del AER Conference for over 10 years. Jule Ann has been legally blind with a progressive vision impairment since age of 16 and enjoys learning new technologies and how it meets the needs of those with vision loss.

Relevant Financial Relationship: Yes
As an employee of TechOWL a program of the Institute on Disabilities at Temple University I am compensated by salary and travel expenses to prepare and present this session at ATIA 2020.

Relevant Non-Financial Relationship: No