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VHT070202: Interactive and Engaging Tools for Accessible Instruction In-Person and Online


Interactive and Engaging Tools for Accessible Instruction In-Person and Online will introduce a variety of accessible applications that can be incorporated to foster academic growth in a variety of educational environments. Through the incorporation of these applications, students will be able to access academic content in both synchronous and asynchronous capacities, promoting independence, opportunities for self-reflection and evaluation, and authentic interactive learning.

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify at least one resource to incorporate in their instructional delivery and explain its utility for delivering meaningful instruction.
  2. Evaluate the different types of applications presented and identify at least two characteristics in the applications that serve individual students’ needs.
  3. Identify at least three accessibility features that pertain specifically to their student population which will promote student success and academic achievement.

Primary Strand

Vision and Hearing Technologies

Secondary Strand

Education & Learning: Early Intervention – 12

Target Audience

  • Accessibility Professional
  • ADA Coordinator
  • Administrators
  • AT Specialists
  • Alternative Media Specialist
  • Communication Specialist
  • Consultants/Trainers
  • Educators
  • Instructional Technologist
  • Special Education Educators
  • Speech-Language Pathologists
  • Teachers of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing

Experience Level


Primary Life Cycle Addressed

Elementary - Secondary (K-12); Higher Education

Content Area

Related Area

Course Schedule

This course was included in the ATIA 2021: AT Connected virtual event education program.

Continuing Education Credits

For Satisfactory Completion and Continuing Education information, please visit: ATIA Online Education CEUs

This course is offered for the following CE Provider Credits:
For: 0.10 CEU Units or 1.0 CEU Hours.

ASHA CE Information: 
Start date of ASHA CEUs offering: March 12, 2021. This course was offered for 0.1 ASHA CEUs. (Intermediate level, Related area.)
End date of ASHA CEUs offering: May 31, 2023


Scott Walsh

Resource Materials and Technology Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Deaf Education and Training Specialist


Scott Walsh is a Deaf Education and Training Specialist. He coaches and consults with districts and programs throughout the state of Florida to educate students who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing (D/HH). Scott has a dual Bachelor’s degree from Flagler College in Deaf Education and Elementary Education. He also has a Master’s degree from the American College of Education in Educational Leadership. Throughout his career, he has worked with over eight school districts across multiple states in developing and designing classroom instructional models that meet the unique needs of students.

Relevant Financial Relationships: Yes
Salary from employment.
Relevant Non-Financial Relationships: No

Sherry Conrad

RMTC-DHH, Resource and Training Specialist


Sherry Conrad is a Deaf Education and Training Specialist providing professional development and technical assistance to professionals working with students who are deaf/hard of hearing (D/HH) across the state of Florida. She has extensive background in the field of students who are D/HH with additional disabilities and/or receiving instruction via a modified curriculum and itinerant teaching in Pre-kindergarten through transition-age environments as well as experience in IEP writing and compliance monitoring. She is also a certified Visual Phonics trainer.

Relevant Financial Relationship:  Yes
Salary from employment. 

Relevant Non-Financial Relationship: No