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AAC080103: SGD Evaluations in the Schools: How to do it and why you should!


Funded speech generating device (SGD) trials in the schools are uncommon. Many families seek outside evaluations or purchase tablet technology out of pocket. This session looks at how one urban school district tackled the challenge, and it’s not a one-size fits all approach. We will review our referral process, equipment used for trials, IEP team input, and how the family is included. Additionally, we will talk about how this was done remotely: the challenges, what worked, the tools used to make remote SGD evaluations successful, and the positive benefits that resulted in the most collaborative evaluations in this therapist’s career.

Session Content Disclosure: This session focuses on experiences in an urban school district, Green Bay Area Public Schools.

Learning Objectives

First Learning Objective: At the end of this session, the learner will be able to compose a position statement with at least three reasons why it is beneficial for school districts to conduct speech generating device evaluations rather than refer families to outside clinics or resort to out-of-pocket technology.
Second Learning Objective: At the end of this session, the learner will be able to identify at least three options for obtaining trial devices to conduct SGD evaluations, and begin to formulate a plan for obtaining trial devices in their own school district.
Third Learning Objective: At the end of this session, the learner will be able to design a plan for how to set-up the remote learning environment so that they can conduct teletherapy, obtain the data they need, and support families during the in-home trial period.

Primary Strand

Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Secondary Strand

Education & Learning: Early Intervention – 12

Target Audience

  • Administrators
  • AT Specialists
  • Caregivers
  • Consumers/Individuals with Disabilities
  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Educators
  • Family Members
  • Speech-Language Pathologists
  • Special Education Educators

Experience Level


Primary Life Cycle Addressed

Elementary - Secondary (K-12)

Content Area

Professional Area

Course Schedule

This course was included in the ATIA 2021: AT Connected virtual event education program.

Continuing Education Credits

For Satisfactory Completion and Continuing Education information, please visit: ATIA Online Education CEUs

ASHA CE Information: 
Recorded Session
Start date of ASHA CEUs offering: March 12, 2021

ASHA Continuing Education Approved Provider
This course is offered for 0.1 ASHA CEUs. (Intermediate level, Professional area.)

This course is also offered for the following CE Provider Credits:

For: 0.10 CEU Units or 1.0 CEU Hours.


Jennifer Schubring

Building AAC, LLC, Speech/Language Pathologist


Jennifer Schubring, M.S., CCC-SLP is a Speech/Language Pathologist who provides assistive technology support to the Green Bay Area Public Schools. Jennifer works with students, staff, and caregivers to provide students with complex communication needs a comprehensive communication system that will meet their needs in a variety of environments. Jennifer provides trainings to staff in the district to increase knowledge of best practices in the field of augmentative and alternative communication, assists with the evaluation and implementation of communication systems during instruction, and helps staff to write better AAC goals in the IEP. Jennifer also owns her own private practice, Building AAC, LLC, providing services in the home or community with parents, siblings, caregivers, or employers present to promote meaningful opportunities for communication in the natural environment. Jennifer received her Bachelor’s degree from UW-Madison and her Master’s in Communication Sciences and Disorders at Penn State. She received a graduate assistantship to work with Dr. Janice Light, working primarily on research in the area of literacy. Jennifer is also a Member of ASHA SIG 12, USSAAC, and the Wisconsin AAC Network-Schools Committee.

Relevant Financial Relationship: Yes
Green Bay Area Pubic Schools: Salary from Employment Building AAC, LLC (private practice-owner) Salary Consulting fee from independent contractor work Fee from speaking

Relevant Non-Financial Relationship: Yes
Member of USSACC Member of ASHA Member of NEA