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AAC010104: The Writer’s Web: Completely Digitizing the Writing Process through AAC


Assistive and Augmentative Communication has opened up a world of opportunity for individuals with disabilities. Not only does it provide means for communication, it enables them to participate in educational and career endeavors. This presentation focuses on how AAC can be used to maintain a successful writing career. The speaker will demonstrate how the writing process for conventional, “ink and paper” writing pieces and digital humanities pieces can be digitized and completed entirely on AAC devices. The speaker will also discuss how alternating between the access methods of a motorized wheelchair Bluetooth joystick and eyegaze can be beneficial for writing.

Content Disclosure: PRC-Saltillo has developed and patented a licensed technology trademarked as the Accent 1000. Because there are no other like-kind products available, course offerings will only cover information that pertains to the effective and safe use of the above-named products. This presentation will focus exclusively on Accents and will not include information on other similar or related devices.

Learning Objectives

First Learning Objective: Identify three ways that AAC can be used to participate in the writing process.
Second Learning Objective: Develop one or more understandings of the benefits of alternating between access methods.
Third Learning Objective: Identify four or more apps/programs that disabled individuals can use to compose writing on AAC devices.

Primary Strand

Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Secondary Strand

Education & Learning: Early Intervention – 12

Target Audience

  • Accessibility Professional
  • ADA Coordinator
  • Administrators
  • AT Specialists
  • Alternative Media Specialist
  • Communication Specialist
  • Consumers/Individuals with Disabilities
  • Consultants/Trainers
  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Educators
  • Faculty/Instructors - Higher Education
  • Media Specialist

Experience Level


Primary Life Cycle Addressed

Higher Education

Content Area

Professional Area

Course Schedule

This course was included in the ATIA 2021: AT Connected virtual event education program.

Continuing Education Credits

For Satisfactory Completion and Continuing Education information, please visit: ATIA Online Education CEUs

ASHA CE Information:
Recorded Session
Start date of Live Session ASHA CEUs offering: January 25, 2021
ASHA Continuing Education Approved Provider
This course is offered for 0.1 ASHA CEUs (Introductory level, Professional area)

This course is also offered for the following CE Provider Credits:
For: 0.10 CEU Units or 1.0 CEU Hours.


Margaret Moore

Fairfield University, Student


I am a Master's student studying Creative Writing at Fairfield University. I am an AAC user and I work as an Ambassador for PRC-Saltillo. Along with using AAC and the Accent 1000 as a communication device, I use the computer and tablet functions for writing, schoolwork, and recreation. At international and national writing conferences, I give presentations on using the Accent for composition of conventional writing pieces and of digital humanities pieces.

Relevant Financial Relationship: Yes
Margaret Moore receives financial support as an Ambassador for PRC-Saltillo.

Relevant Non-Financial Relationship: Yes
I am an AAC user.