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The Experiential Experience: Building Self-Confidence and Leadership through Experiential Therapy in a Behavioral Health Setting (.1 CEUs)

This session will be focused on experiential therapy, its applications and uses in Recreational Therapy. This therapy takes the client out of the normal therapy setting to gain knowledge and skills that they can utilize to lead a better quality of life. This session covers challenge/ropes courses, adventure programs, and animal-assisted programs, among others. Throughout this session, participants will gain a working knowledge on how experiential therapy can be utilized in Recreational Therapy programs in a behavioral health setting.

Upon completion of the session, participants will be able to:
1. Define experiential therapy and verbalize how it is facilitated
2. Define and describe 5 types of experiential therapy programs
3. Identify and describe 3 ways behavior is affected by participation in an experiential therapy program 4. Discuss the benefits of using experiential therapy in a Recreational Therapy program a behavioral health setting.