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Laughter Yoga For Well-Being and Resiliency (.1 CEUs)

Laughter Yoga is an effective tool in the CTRS tool belt to build resiliency and prevent burnout. Joyful practices that will be introduced in this presentation will not require folding into a pretzel or telling jokes. Participants will learn the history of the Laughter Yoga movement, the benefits, and will have an opportunity to try several Laughter Yoga exercises that will boost your endorphins by the end of the module leaving you more relaxed and joyful.

Upon completion of the module, participants will be able to:
1. Describe the history of Laughter Yoga and describe what Laughter Yoga is
2. Explain how to do 3 Laughter Yoga exercises, and create one of their own Laughter Yoga exercise
3. Explain the benefits of adding a joyful practice such as Laughter Yoga into one's own life, in addition to the individuals being served in your scope of TR practice