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The Pancamaya Kosha Model: A Holistic View of Ourselves and Clients (.3 CEUs)

The pancamaya kosha model provides a framework for a holistic view of ourselves and our clients. It is the concept that our whole person is comprised of layers that include emotional, cognitive, physical, and social functioning. These layers consistently interact and influence one another. Utilizing the pancamaya kosha model provides a wider view to identifying what we need to address and what techniques we need to implement for our own self-care. It can also be utilized to understand our clients better. This workshop will define the five sheaths of the pancamaya kosha model as they impact self-care and clinical cases. Liz will also provide an experiential meditation to deepen understanding of the koshas and their interactions.

Upon completion of the session, participants will be able to:
1. Identify and describe the five koshas in the pancamaya kosha model
2. Identify two self-care practices to address factors identified in kosha mapping meditation
3. Describe two ways interactions between the koshas can affect active leisure involvement