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Quality Internship Supervisor Training

Welcome to ATRA's Quality Internship Supervisor Training! This training program has been designed by a panel of experts, reviewed by practitioners and educators, and piloted at the ATRA 2022 Annual Conference.

ATRA believes that part of living our mission to empower recreational therapists is ensuring that every student and soon-to-be practitioner experiences a quality internship that prepares them to be an excellent professional. To bring that vision to reality, a panel of experts has developed this Quality Internship Supervisor Training Program.

The QIST program contains 8 modules, each approximately 30 minutes in length:
  • The Basics
  • Ethics
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Screening & Interviewing
  • Expectations, Leadership, & Motivation
  • Clinical Supervision
  • Teaching & Learning Styles
  • Professional Communication & Managing Conflict
At the completion of each module, you will complete a short quiz. In order to move to the next module, you will need to earn at least a 70% on the quiz. By completing this training you will earn .4 CEU and you will receive a certification of completion.

You must view all videos and complete all quizzes in order to receive your CEU certificate and certificate of completion; partial CEU's are not available and no CEU's will be awarded unless individuals complete the entire course. The certificate of completion is good for three years, after which time individuals will need to complete the training again to refresh their knowledge.

For additional information about the development of the QIST program, please visit the ATRA website. There you will find the history of the project and statement of purpose. The QIST program also includes access to the Quality Internship Manual which can be found as a link below in the current module.

We look forward to your feedback and hope that this training empowers you to be a Quality Internship Supervisor!