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Activities of Daily Living for Individuals with Physical Disabilities: A Delphi Technique (0.1 CEUs)

Session Description

Introduction: Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) are those tasks that individuals complete daily (Bleijenberg et al., 2017). ADLs can be categorized based on the complexity of the task into three categories: basic, instrumental, and advanced. Advanced ADLs (aADLs) are activities that are personally satisfying, not needed for independence, and allow individuals to fulfill social roles (Cornelius et al., 2018). When considering social roles individuals hold within their life, we can examine aADLs through the lenses of the Social Activity Taxonomy proposed by Levasseur and colleagues (2010).

Learning Outcomes

Understand when and how to use the Delphi Method
Have a general understanding of research on aADLs for individuals with phys