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Evaluating the Biomechanics of the Wheelchair Push: Helping Athletes Perform and Protect in Adaptive Sports (.1 CEUs)

The content of this module qualifies under NCTRC's Specialization Area Designation for Adaptive Sports and Recreation.

The following session will demonstrate how RTs, coaches and adaptive sport programmers can evaluate the biomechanics of the wheelchair push with simple or more sophisticated methods. The presentation will examine the use of the SmartwheelTM and other visual imaging strategies to evaluate and teach a more efficient and effective push technique. Special emphasis will be made to discuss a better wheelchair push technique to help promote better sport performance and more importantly protect the athlete from injuries resulting from inappropriate push techniques.

Learning Objectives:
1) Participants will verbalize knowledge of three types of possible injuries resulting from adaptive sport push techniques.
2) Participants will verbalize knowledge of 5 outcomes measured by a Smartwheel push evaluation.
3) Participants will verbalize knowledge of how to set up a visual push analysis for the adaptive sport athlete.
4) Participants will verbalize knowledge of how to promote more effective wheelchair push biomechanics.