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04.08.19 | Past, Present ad Future of Building Science Quality Assurance

With a focus on building enclosures, you will learn more about the full Building Science space and how quality assurance systems have been developed and executed. You will explore the major influences of today’s building codes and predict how tomorrow’s buildings will be better equipped to deal with today’s problems (e.g. intense weather events, poor air quality, frequent fires, looming threat of earthquakes). Learn what type of quality assurance options there are for today's construction projects, and what is trending, so you can select the best value for your project to help ensure that the building performs as intended. We will review case studies for the state-of-the-art enclosure commissioning process, deliverables and functional performance testing options. The webinar concludes with predictions on where this industry is headed in the future, so that we can be better prepared to build quicker, produce less waste, and achieve sustainable, quality buildings.