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05.13.19 | Commissioning, Support for Building Automation Systems

The expansion of Building Automation Systems (BAS) throughout the building construction industry is requiring commissioning providers to provide more insight, earlier, and have a more influential role in the selection, checkout and commissioning of BAS systems. This webinar helps owners to understand what BAS capabilities are needed by owners, facility managers and operations personnel, and which type of system is best for their project requirements
Although BAS have come a long way since the days of pneumatics, many owners and building operators don’t really understand what they need, or have an understanding of all the options for components, software, logic, or even the costs to install, operate and maintain the system. You will learn what helps to achieve a smooth, pain-free controls project that meets the owner’s needs and provide your client with an understanding of what they should expect, what they could accept, and options for “Go/No-Go” requirements for selecting a BAS provider. Your ability to make recommendations for Proprietary vs. Open Systems, Vendor vs. Integrator, Code/DOS vs. Ladder Logic, and Graphic Blocks type BAS, will help your clients understand the limits of each type of system, and the costs to operate and maintain the selected BAS system.