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06.10.19 | BAS Data: the Fuel for Your EMIS

As major organizations have raced to embrace “smart” buildings, they have discovered that merely adding sensors, hardware and software are not enough for a building to deliver on its intelligent potential. In this presentation, Candice Rogers and Kelsey Leslie will explore the challenges facing owners and the economic and environmental benefits of carefully planned systems integration.

The presentation will also cover the challenges of leveraging and integrating emerging technologies to help building owners and their AEC teams access the yet-untapped potential in their buildings. They will also touch on the pitfalls of automation including equipment incompatibility and unsecured IP networks that leave system controls exposed to hacking.

Drawing upon their extensive experience in Enterprise Building Automation Systems, they will share lessons learned from major projects including the Commonwealth Energy Management and Control System (CEMCS) implementation for Kentucky’s Community and Technical College System (KCTCS).
They will discuss key challenges including:

• Equipment inventories and controls assessment
• Data collection and measurement
• Integrating diverse control systems
• Metadata management for maximum security and effect
• Basing a remediation plan on BAS interval data
• Building and leading multidisciplinary teams
• Data gathering and equipment inventories.

Smart buildings start delivering on their potential when their energy conservation measures are managed with an integrated program structure. As budgets shrink and demands grow, artfully integrated systems can generate efficiencies and improved performance on the thermostat and the balance sheet. In a word, attendees will gain insights into driving buildings from smart to brilliant.