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Commissioning Contracts and Hiring CxP

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Understanding contracts and realizing how their contents impact the CxP’s ability to secure, execute and profit from commissioning services represents the cornerstone of successful Cx business operations. The changing paradigm away from traditional Design-Bid-Build procurement, and towards more integrated project contract types and risk models, is yielding a plethora of partnership agreements.

After discussing the fundamentals of commissioning contract writing, this presentation will delve into different types of project contracts, introducing and explaining many (and their acronyms!) in the context of implications for CxPs. As one example, the American Institute of Architects’ Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) method positions the CxP as a member of the multiparty design team, promoting commissioning as part of the design process focused on achieving the owner’s project requirements. The speaker will also look at contracts between providers, where a prime CxP hires subconsultants to form a commissioning team with diverse capabilities needed for accomplishing the goals established by the contract.

There is no panacea for writing the perfect commissioning contract. Contracts should be composed with insight into the commissioning team roles and responsibilities. Commissioning firms are advised to consult with appropriately credentialed contract attorneys recognized in the applicable jurisdictions. This presentation is explicitly not intended as legal advice. It is intended to provide a practical summary that informs future work in crafting good contracts with the support of legal and governmental


  • Jim Magee, President – Facility Commissioning Group

    To launch his career, Jim earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Kentucky in Mechanical Engineering. Since then, he has taken a practical approach to building performance in a variety of roles before establishing his company, Facility Commissioning Group. His experience includes 17 years as an AABC-certified Test and Balance Engineer (TBE) prior to 22 years of implementing third-party commissioning projects. As a BCxA member, Jim is a Director and Past President of the Southeast Region Building Commissioning Association Chapter (SERBCA) and was among the earliest (#20) members of the BCxA. Jim is a voting member of ASHRAE SSPC 300 – Commissioning Process for Buildings and Systems with 202, 0, 1.4 and 1.6 subcommittee memberships. He has led, and continues to participate in leadership roles with ASHRAE, ACG, USGBC and other organizations focused on quality building performance. He was a contributing member of the USDOE-NIBS Better Buildings Commercial Workforce Credentialing Council (CWCC) Job Task Analyses (JTA) task force for commissioning professionals. To date, Jim has executed commissioning projects for more than 500 facilities ranging from k-12 to higher education, military facilities, research labs, pharmaceutical facilities and a full spectrum of commercial buildings.

December 9, 2019
Mon 10:00 AM PST

Duration 1H 0M

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