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Commissioning "Outside" the Box, Alternatives and Shortfalls of Traditional Pre-Functional Checklists

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Pre-Functional Checklists (PFCs) are basic and traditional components of the commissioning process. Often called construction checklists, these documents are common pain points for commissioning providers and project team members. In its infancy of ASHRAE Guidelines and BCxA best practices, PFCs have evolved very little outside of the model of electronic or app-based delivery methods. This has often resulted in pre-functional checklists being put off, ignored, or at worst “pencil-whipped,” only to be completed at the last moment. It has left many commissioning providers asking the question, “Can’t we do better as an industry to find an alternative route to success?”

Kenny and Alex will summarize the traditional PFC intent and process and provide multiple alternatives to bridge the gap and improve relationships in the field with the team, while not sacrificing quality to achieve first class commissioning outcomes. They will include examples of setting up your project for success when considering strategies for PFCs.


  • Kenny Reed, PE, CCP, CEM, LEED AP

    Kenny is an advocate for performance assurance and developing strategies that leverage technology and facility operations data to improve building system performance. He has 11 years of industry experience and has led large commissioning teams for complex mission critical facilities. He is experienced in mechanical systems performance assurance and energy efficiency analysis and reviews mechanical design control sequences that simplify operations and improve efficiency. He is passionate about the benefits and persistence related to ongoing and monitoring based commissioning and is well versed in fault detection software and optimizing their use in new and existing facilities.

  • Alex Metschke, PE, CCP

    Alex has a combined 9 years of experience in MEP design, commissioning, and M&V. His past experience comes in a wide range of project types including lab, high-rise, healthcare, higher education, and office, among others. Alex’s background and work utilizing data analytics gives him a unique insight into developing new strategies for improving building operations and reducing energy and production waste. He is a big proponent in utilizing today’s technology to modernize building operations.

August 3, 2020
Mon 10:20 AM PDT

Duration 1H 0M

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