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Riding the Digital Transformation Wave - Don't let your Cx process get wiped out!

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Technological disruption is here, and the ability to embrace and harness it is the way forward. This session will introduce the Digital Transformation Curve and explain how you can navigate this transformation and recognize the return on your digital investments (RODI) through various aspects of your business objectives. You will learn the benefits of converting physical assets to digitized assets for enabling better decision making, and greater visibility of asset performance for gaining efficiencies that contribute to maximizing the asset’s life cycle. A.J. and Jim will describe how assets are digitized, modeled and used to simulate events and processes and ultimately transfer knowledge among all stakeholders, including examples of how a full Digital Transformation can be applied to augment a traditional commissioning process. They will describe each digital step along the curve (non-digitized, digitized, intelligent, simulated and connected) and show examples and case study solutions on how the return on digital investment (RODI) goes up with each increasing level of digitization, and how simulating events digitally before they occur in the field mitigates risk.


  • AJ Speicher, PE, CCP

    A.J. Speicher, P.E., CCP, has over 22 years of commissioning, construction, HVAC, BAS, and facility engineering design. He is the Commissioning Service Leader for Borton‐Lawson. Previously, A.J. was a Project Manager for a major BAS provider focusing on the design and installation of BAS systems, primarily for pharmaceutical clients. A.J. holds Mechanical Engineering degrees from Penn State (BS) and Villanova (MS). He is a Certified Commissioning Provider (CCP), professional engineer, Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified Energy Manager and a LEED Green Associate. He is a Past President of both the Anthracite Chapter of ASHRAE and the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the BCxA.

  • Jim Kovalik, PLS

    James Kovalik, PLS leads and manages the reality capture department at Borton-Lawson. He successfully implemented Borton-Lawson’s first 3D laser scanning program in 2011 and continues to introduce new tools to the Reality Capture team. As Technology Manager he also researches and develops new applications that will allow us to continue integrating technology into the AEC space. Jim earned his B.S. in Surveying Engineering in 2011 from Penn State University. Today, he manages a portfolio of projects all throughout the United States in just about every industry.

August 10, 2020
Mon 9:10 AM PDT

Duration 1H 0M

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