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Structural Commissioning


Structural Commissioning is the logical evolution of building commissioning services, but there has never been a ‘commissioning’ step to ensure that structures have the needed capacity to withstand severe wind and seismic events. Wayne, Alan and John introduce details of a holistic process by which newly completed and existing structures can be assessed for performance and accepted per code requirements. This process is non-invasive and non-intrusive because it uses ambient conditions to collect accurate measurements and does not require expensive or complex methods. The process allows for identification of the displacement per unit-imposed force, and a measure of non-linear structural damping. Both of these characteristics are compared with normal values implied by design requirements and the structure’s capacity. Structural Cx gives buyers assurance that they’re getting a safe building, and gives the public assurance of structural safety. Further, it provides a critical element of feedback to the designers, developers and contractors about the outcome of that building process.


  • Wayne A. Dunn, PE, PEng, LEED AP E.W. Dunn Developments, Inc

    Wayne Dunn has been a contributor to the BCxA for the last 30 years and has 30+ years of experience in building commissioning. His work includes project management, systems integration, quality assurance and commissioning. Project experience varies from modern offices to laboratories, industrial plants, and launch complexes. University of Alberta, B.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, 1979. Registered Professional Engineer in Florida, USA and Alberta & Ontario, Canada. He lives in Jacksonville, Florida with his wife Beth.

  • Thomas Winant, PE

    Thomas A. Winant is President of STRAAM Group. He was previously the Executive Vice president of STRAAM Corp since 2009. Prior to that was the Chief Operating Officer for Osmos USA. With these firms, he was responsible for all aspects of Company operations and sales. He brings significant experience in Technology platform development and Project Management, including Structural health Monitoring used to aid in the condition assessment for bridges, buildings, and other structures under rehabilitation. Mr. Winant has broad engineering experience in the construction and civil engineering fields. Mr Winant received a BS in Civil Engineering (Structural) from Lafayette College (89’). He lives in Northern New Jersey with his wife Bonnie and two sons

August 10, 2020
Mon 11:30 AM PDT

Duration 1H 0M

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