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Building Enclosure Thermal Bridging Analysis as Part of the Commissioning Process

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The thermal performance of your building probably isn’t what you think it is. By simply using exterior “continuous” insulation, project teams may not be insulating the building using the most cost-effective approach. On recent projects, we calculated that thermal performance is about half as good as the project goal, due to thermal bridging that isn’t accounted for. We’re noting significant heat loss through cladding attachments, cladding supports, and details such as roof-to-wall and window perimeters. While many building enclosure commissioning (BECx) programs include stringent waterproofing and air leakage goals, accounting for thermal bridging is the next step. The State of Utah is considered a leader among owner groups for stringent building performance requirements and advanced BECx techniques. Using sophisticated methods to demonstrate code compliance and verify energy performance during design, the state has been able to achieve a building enclosure that is cost effective, meets thermal performance goals, and has low risk of condensation. Rick and Jeff focus on Utah’s BECx process and how thermal bridging analysis can be incorporated.


  • Rick Zeigler

    Rick Ziegler is a professional engineer specializing in the design, construction, and rehabilitation of the building enclosure. Rick’s technical expertise is broad but specifically includes thermal bridging analysis, energy code compliance, and roofing/waterproofing. Rick has worked on existing buildings and new construction across all market sectors in many climates on multiple continents. Rick is the president of the Southwest Chapter of the BCxA. Recently, Rick has presented at IIBEC-Nashville, CMAA, CONSTRUCT, ABAA, and ASHE.

  • Jeff Wrigley

    Jeff Wrigley is the Energy Manager for the State of Utah. Jeff has a background in architecture and his work has focused on helping the State of Utah deliver high performing, energy efficient buildings. Jeff works with state agencies and institutions of higher education to identify, fund and implement energy efficiency improvement projects within their facilities.

August 17, 2020
Mon 8:00 AM PDT

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