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EBCx of a College Campus

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The University of Saskatchewan hired a local commissioning team (composed of three local commissioning provider firms) to conduct EBCx on 26 campus buildings. The goal of the project was to reduce GHG by 15% (4500 tonnes CO2e). Each team had 8 or 9 buildings and was responsible for 1/3 of the energy savings (1500 tonnes CO2e each). In this presentation, Kevin will provide an overview of the strategy of tackling 9 buildings in a short timeframe, the challenges of work with campus personnel, the process of commissioning the HVAC systems and the results of the EBCx. Kevin will also highlight the top 10 issues found on this project as well as the most common issues generally found during EBCx.


  • Kevin Thurston, P. Eng., CCP

    Kevin owns and operates his own Building Commissioning Certification Board (BCCB) Certified Commissioning Firm, Thurston Engineering Services. Kevin has been providing Cx services for 20 years in Western Canada and is the current President of the BCCB. He graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in 1986 with a BSc in Mechanical Engineering. Prior to entering the commissioning world, Kevin flew anti-submarine warfare patrol aircraft during the Cold War with the Canadian Air Force. He played basketball for the Canadian Military National Team and still competes in men’s league on weekends. Kevin is an avid golfer and hunter. He lives in Saskatoon with his wife of 30 years and two daughters.

August 24, 2020
Mon 10:20 AM PDT

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