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A Case for Ongoing Commissioning at Scale – Brookfield Properties


Managing 170+ properties across 43 states, supporting nearly 150 million square feet in retail space is no small feat. As a global real estate services company, Brookfield Properties is a thought leader in this space with a focus on long-term success through management of the highest-quality properties with optimal outcomes for their clients and communities they support. Instrumental to this goal is the management of building performance for energy and sustainability initiatives, and reduction in on-demand work orders across their properties.

Join this session as Kevin Rogers provides an overview of Brookfield’s ongoing commissioning approach and how they leverage OCx strategies to improve performance, prioritize their operation and maintenance efforts, and scale OCx for long term business outcomes. Following the deployment of OCx on a number of properties, Kevin and his team are learning the benefits and challenges, and will share further insight into what you, as providers, owners, and stakeholders, should consider as you begin your own OCx projects and look to scale your efforts.

August 24, 2020
Mon 11:30 AM PDT

Duration 1H 0M

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