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Heathcare Commissioning: A Guide to Adding Value


Healthcare projects involve many nuances that can often be overlooked by overworked design teams and construction members being pushed to meet deadlines. This situation presents an opportunity for the commissioning authority (CxA) to go above and beyond a typical commissioning scope and add value to the role by understanding what these nuances are and offering input to the design and construction teams throughout the entire project. Where a typical OPR development session may only involve a handful of client staff, a session for a healthcare project can sometimes exceed 30 people. While this may seem overwhelming, it is the beginning of gathering valuable information that will be used throughout the rest of the project. With the proper process, a development session of this size can be easily managed. The design review process should be performed by a CxA with an in depth understanding of the codes, standards, and regulatory requirements that will influence and guide the design and should occur at multiple stages. The detail gained through developing the OPR will include input from such team members as hospital infection control which become important to focus on during review. During construction and post-occupancy phases special attention to healthcare-specific considerations must be maintained. During this presentation we will elaborate on these nuances and provide real world examples of how a CxA can embrace these nuances with the right training to add value to any healthcare projects.


  • Matthew Napolitan, P.E., CCP, BCxP, LEED AP BD+C

    Matthew Napolitan, P.E., CCP, BCxP, LEED APBD+C is a Principal at Cx Associates, a mission-driven energy engineering consulting firm in Burlington, Vermont and Portland, Maine. Over 22 years as a design engineer and commissioning provider have given Mr. Napolitan the experience and insight to bring a well-rounded perspective to any project. His ability to closely collaborate with installers, programmers, owners, operators and engineers and architects allows him to fully leverage his breadth and depth of knowledge around HVAC systems and their control. Mr. Napolitan’s depth of knowledge and attention to detail afford him the ability to identify efficiency and operational opportunities during planning and design that would otherwise go untapped and would be unaffordable to retrofit once a project is completed. Combining energy use reduction with simple operations via practical, cost effective solutions is his goal on every project.

  • Walker Calderwood, P.E., CEM

    Walker Calderwood, P.E., CEM is a Senior Engineer at Cx Associates, a mission-driven energy engineering consulting firm in Burlington, Vermont and Portland, Maine. Walker has 6 years’ experience in the commissioning industry, with a total of 8 years’ experience in the HVAC industry and is a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology. Walker is well experienced in performing measurement and verification (M&V), building commissioning, retrocommissioning, and energy analysis. He currently serves as project lead for commissioning and retrocommissioning projects at the University of Vermont, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Rutland Regional Medical Center, Northern Vermont Regional Hospital, Northwestern Medical Center, and Maine Medical Center.

August 31, 2020
Mon 8:00 AM PDT

Duration 1H 0M

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