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December 13– Operating with Persistence: Monitoring-Based Commissioning and HVAC Analytics

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This presentation explores the application of HVAC Analytics on energy efficiency projects, which previously would have been at risk for persistence. Equipment and its operation will degrade over time without a cost-effective means of monitoring and a staff structure to make improvements and help good performance persist. Using data, rolled up to key performance indicators (KPI), to monitor performance allows staff to easily assure systems are not drifting out of optimal performance. Analytics serves another viable role for an organization by informing design of new systems and equipment replacements. And finally, analytics readily support Environmental Health and Safety requirements, another critical aspect of building performance. We will talk about how owners are thinking about and responding to known barriers, including lessons learned, and steps being taken to address them.


  • Brent Grimm, PE, PMP, Energy Engineer

    Brent Grimm, PE, CEM, is the Monitoring-Based Commissioning Manager at ETC Group.

    Brent's main roles at ETC Group are the analysis and identification of energy efficiency opportunities. He works with facility staff and ETC Group analytics team to evaluate new and existing systems. He performs energy audits, retro-commissioning, controls programming, and investigation projects. His work includes detailed monitoring, analysis for energy conservation projects at healthcare, commercial, casino/hotel and manufacturing facilities.  He is also part of the monitoring-based commissioning team, and is involved with developing automated reporting, sustainable monitoring, and implementation techniques.

    Brent earned B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Technologies from the University of Cincinnati. He is a registered professional engineer (PE) in the state of Arizona and is PMI Certified from Project Management Institute at Xavier University.

  • Vince van Oostenbrugge, CCP

    Vince has extensive commissioning and project management experience that builds upon his background in HVAC design. His diverse industry experience includes hospitals and healthcare facilities, universities, laboratories, correctional facilities, water reclamation and manufacturing.

    While at ETC Group, Vince oversees the commissioning group projects and team members to ensure consistency with industry standards and compliance. He also commissions HVAC systems to watch for and identify key issues through initial design reviews. While onsite he performs troubleshooting inspections with a keen eye to support energy savings and operational opportunities. His work has been in both new building commissioning and retro-commissioning systems within healthcare, laboratories, higher education and correctional facilities.

    The areas include the likes of operating room suites, bone marrow transplant suites and patient care as well as office suites, laboratory and housing quarters. Behind the scenes, Vince commissions air handling units and system, central plants and domestic water systems.

    On commissioning projects, Vince employs industry standards and best practices to effectively represent the needs of building owners and occupants. He has built a proven track record of successfully meeting strict regulations for HVAC systems in a variety of environments. Having worked on LEED projects, Vince supports high performance building standards and strategies for improving operation and energy savings. Along with the commissioning projects, Vince assisted with implementing standard operating procedures and compliance, complete with preventative maintenance programs.

    Prior to working at ETC Group, Vince was a key member of design teams at Grumman/Butkus Associates. At Grumman/Butkus, he conducted airflow studies, and developed troubleshooting strategies for HVAC equipment to develop a capital replacement plan. As part of the design team, he was involved with both airside and water side designs. This included performing analysis reviews of existing systems, HVAC calculations, identified deficiencies and a design to remediate.

    Vince is also familiar with operation and maintenance of high-pressure steam boilers and related systems, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, air compressors, refrigeration along with process related equipment.

December 13, 2021
Mon 10:00 AM PST

Duration 1H 0M

This live web event has ended.