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Workshop: Life Cycle Cost-Based Filter Operation Dec. 3, 2021

Friday, December 3, 2021
8:00 am – 2:00 pm pacific time
Hosted by David Sellers, PE via Zoom Meetings

Filter loaded with dirt and debris” What a common commissioning and maintenance issue identified across all building types! But what is the true cost of filters? Is the same-old approach of filter changes via scheduled maintenance tasks really the best way? After all, filters aren’t cheap, and what’s the harm of a little more use or a less efficient filter?

Using the techniques discussed in this workshop:

  • Operators can reduce maintenance budgets and unnecessary labor costs
  • Commissioning providers can provide additional value to their systems manual and ongoing cx results
  • Engineers can make a case for improved filtration means

David Sellers demonstrates an approach to HVAC filter replacement – Life Cycle Cost-Based Filter Operation. By optimizing the timing of replacements, the energy, labor, first-cost, and waste stream impacts are also improved. Attend the workshop to learn the value of the life-cycle cost approach, how to apply an assessment tool to identify options, and understand filter performance in relation to MERV efficiency ratings.

The class begins with a lecture introducing the topic and explaining the concept, including case study data. David will demonstrate a free tool that allows attendees to perform the best life cycle cost analysis for filters in the HVAC systems they encounter. Next, attendees will work interactively and apply the tool to assess the impact of using a life-cycle cost-based approach.